The Problem

Bad intentions, human errors, external attacks… There is an endless list of scandals and ponzi schemes in the portfolio management industry.
But what is actually the cause of this vulnerability in the traditional system?

Whenever an investor trusts a portfolio manager with the investment fund, the responsibility for keeping it safe is transferred as well.
This is a risk for the investor. The current safeguards are built by internal controls and regulatory expectations supporting the trust in the traditional portfolio managers.

The Opportunity

These safeguards, however, do not work always as expected.

Is there a possible way to improve the security of the investor, without the need for expensive server parks and security softwares?

Our Solution solution

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology, we are able to create a trustless environment for portfolio management when the controls are based on predetermined smart contracts.

The Decentralized Infrastructure will eliminate all the third party and custodial risk resulting from centralized services.

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The Galaxis Platform is a Decentralized Portfolio Management solution driven by Smart Contracts.

  • Trustless
  • Decentralized
  • Funds stored on Blockchain
  • Built in control environment
  • Predetermined operations

Built on Ethereum with smart contacts

The stakeholders are connected through smart contracts, eliminating any chance for dishonest behavior and loss of funds.


Built on Decentralized Exchange protocols

The smart contracts are running as a relayer on existing decentralized exchange protocols, harvesting and merging all the available functions of these projects.

Our Roadmap roadmap

June 2018

Idea born

July 2018 – April 2019

Research and conceptualization

May 2019

Specification of the Prototype, Advisory discussions

June 2019

UX design planning

Aug 2019

Onboarding the first client

Oct 2019

Prototype Launch

Dec 2019

Planned client MVP Launch

Q1 2020

US and UK market entry research

Q2 2020

Advanced trading module pilot launch

Q3 2020


Our Team team

We have a combined experience of blockchain consulting and business development.

Mate Brezovszki
CEO & Head of Product
Peter Ujvari
CTO & Smart contract architect
Nicklas Peyk Millgraad
COO & Business development
Gergo Molnar
Lead Full Stack developer
Sandor Maraczy
Smart contract and Full stack developer
Balint Fischer
Fintech Innovation advisor
Istvan Seres
Smart contract scalability and privacy advisor
Miklos Vitez
Sales advisor

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